Steelhead Fishing Orofino

Steelhead Fishing Orofino

In the late 1800s, the town of Orofino, Idaho was founded by a group of explorers. Settled initially because of its gold, the town of Orofino is home mostly to a large logging community today. The town is recognized by its 720 foot Dworshak Dam, and gold mining is a thing of the of past. In the modern town of Orofino, the gold is under the water. A well reputed company named Steelhead Mania is searching for and finding gold in Orofino every day.

The Clearwater River is home to some of the best steelhead fishing in Orofino, in Idaho, and in the world. The Dworshak National Fish Hatchery of Orofino is the largest steelhead hatchery on the planet, and our guided steelhead fishing trips yield real-life river monsters on a daily basis. Depend on us to host your next guided fishing trip to Orofino.

Steelhead Mania| The Best Guided Steelhead Fishing in Orofino

This large saltwater trout, known as the b-run steelhead, is one of the largest varieties of trout in Idaho. The typical size of one of these fish is roughly 13 lbs. However, it's not uncommon to pull 20-30 lb monsters when steelhead fishing in Orofino. If you've never fished a steelhead before, you might lose your pole. These fish know how to fight, and they are powerful.

Book your guided steelhead fishing trip in Orofino with Steelhead Mania to catch as many as 20-30 steelhead trout in a single day. Our guides will share their techniques and insights with you, from the best spots to side drifting fishing. Catch your trophy steelhead and bring home hundreds of pounds of fresh fish for you and your family. Everybody talks about chinook salmon on the Clearwater River, but many don't know that steelhead is also very delicious.

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Why not stay in Orofino overnight or even for a weekend? Combine your fishing trip with a night or two of outdoor camping to get the full Orofino experience. Steelhead fishing isn't the only attraction in Orofino. Big game hunters and avid outdoors people will find that there is much to do here. Dworshak Reservoir is surrounded by beautiful and pristine land, with more than 60 miles of trails, and Orofino is home to a massive elk population.

Indeed, there's something to do for every member of the family in Orofino. There are plenty of parks and playgrounds for kids, and a variety of tourist sites. Steelhead Mania will help you find your way, make your reservations, give you money-saving tips, and of course, provide the best-guided steelhead fishing in Orofino. Contact us today to book your trip.

If you've never been steelhead fishing in Orofino, now is the time to make your first visit. Once you've been here, you'll want to keep coming back. It's indeed an oasis in the American West. We hope you'll let us show you Orofino the right way.

Steelhead Fishing Orofino
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Steelhead Fishing Orofino
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