firearm training Chicago

firearm training Chicago

Want to improve your shooting skills or get your Illinois Concealed Carry Permit? Midwest Guns offers affordable firearm training in Chicago for every level of interest, from beginner to experienced shooter and everyone in between.

Get your Illinois Concealed Carry Firearm Permit with a 16-hour class that includes fingerprinting, photograph and application for the permit. Bring your own approved firearm or use one supplied by the instructor. Please read complete rules and regulations for approved firearms on the website and bring your gun cased and unloaded. Bring 30 rounds of ammo at a minimum, hearing and eye protection and optional concealment holster and belt.

You'll need a valid FOID card and a holster that you will plan to use during the class. Your Illinois Permit will be honored in 27 states- the full list available on the website. 8-hour classes are available for those who have taken prior courses currently accepted by the IL State Police. You must have 2 qualifying courses or 1 qualifying course from the following lists to sign up for the 8-hour course:

2 of the following:
- IL Hunter Safety

1 of the following:
- Active Military
- DD214
- NRA Basic Pistol
- NRA Personal Protection Home
- NRA Personal Protection Outside Home
- *All NRA courses must come with shooting

The day of your Firearm Training In Chicago, park in the lot to the West of Midwest Guns and be certain to have the following with you:

- For the 16 hour class, bring your FOID and firearm, along with the essentials on the ICC list
- For the 8 hour class, bring your FOID, firearm, 30 rounds of ammo, hearing & eye protection and holster, along with your credited class proof, original and a copy.

Your Illinois Concealed Carry application must be filled out online. Please call 708-447-4848 if you require assistance with any of the steps involved.

Midwest Guns offers numerous firearm training classes in their Chicago location, including a very popular Intro to Firearms Class that is designed for beginners who would like a professional introductory education in the safe, recreational use of handguns. They'll leave the class with a very clear understanding of local requirements for owning and purchasing a handgun, along with a terrific foundation to pursue a hobby in recreational shooting.

Sign up for an in-depth 4-hour Advanced Concealed Carry Class at the reasonable rate of $150 and hone your skills at ‘draw and shoot' and shooting one-handed from either side. You'll gain proficiency at moving while shooting at multiple targets, practice reloading during shooting drills as well as rapid-fire. The second 2-hour session will consist of live ‘Shoot and Don't Shoot' exercises that will improve your discipline on and off of the range.

Call Midwest Guns at 708-447-4848 to register for firearm training at their Chicago location or for immediate answers to your questions.

Receive The Best Firearm Training in Chicago, Call Today!

firearm training Chicago
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firearm training Chicago
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