Custom Jewelry Los Angeles

Custom Jewelry Los Angeles

We have ears for every customer that we have. Since we started making custom jewelry in Los Angeles, we are prepared to cater and provide what our customers want. It may be a gift for the upcoming holidays, an engagement ring or a hand me down jewelry for your child. Customized jewelry will perfectly work for you.

GOLD ' N I Jewelry attends to every detail that the customer wants for their jewelry. We value every customer’s desire to have something that would perfectly match each person’s character. With this, we follow a standard on how we can serve every customer with their needs.

Steps in Achieving Your Own Design Ring

  • For us to both achieve the best results for your custom made jewelry, we follow a step by step procedure. In this way, you are guaranteed that your metals and gemstones are in good hands all throughout the process.

  • Start by getting a quote. Let us know what materials you have, and designs have on your mind. Provide the size of the jewelry and how you wanted it to be done.

  • Start conceptualizing the designs with our team. Keeping the communication open will help us work faster and concise.

  • Check the Wax/CAD Model from us so you would know if we have the design and size that you want.

  • The finished product is available for your approval.

Why Choose Us?

Amongst the custom jewelry in Los Angeles, we are the top choice of the market. First, we have certified gemologists that will work on your jewelry. They have the best knowledge of how to work on these pieces of arts.

We accept custom-made earrings, necklaces, engagement rings, pendants, etc. We also accept different metals and gemstones. We believe that recycling these materials would not only give you a new look but would also help the environment. 

We provide a free quote. By providing all the details online, you know how much the estimated amount is on the work.

We adhere to the designs agreed upon. We highly give importance to every customer’s desire. We make sure that it is followed accordingly.

We can also provide engraved custom jewelry. This will add a more personalized touch to the work especially if it is for your loved one.

The customized jewelry can also be a designer piece variation wherein you can ask to add other gemstones and precious metals.

Your Perfect Gift

By choosing to give personalized design jewelry, it provides more value to the gift itself. Whether it is for your girlfriend, wife or children, all you want is to give the best gift ever. Make us your partner in doing so, and we will never turn you down.

So if you have loose gems that you want to give a new life or an heirloom with a personal touch, get in touch with us. Let us know your thoughts and maybe soon we start collaborating on this new piece of art.

Custom Jewelry Los Angeles
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Custom Jewelry Los Angeles
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